The Troemel lab welcomes inquiries about positions available in the lab. Currently, we welcome applications for postdoctoral fellowships as well as new PhD students. Of note, PhD students need to be accepted into either the Biological Sciences graduate program or the Biomedical Sciences graduate program.

For postdoctoral applications, please email Emily at with a CV and description of your interest in which projects on host/pathogen interactions and proteostasis you would like to investigate!

Mentoring Statement:

“I believe that my greatest impact in science can be achieved through mentoring new scientists, because of the multiplier effect of mentoring. My goals as a mentor are to facilitate my mentees’ research in the lab, and to support them in their next career steps. In order to do this, I need to learn about my mentee’s background, their current knowledge level, and where they want to go. As much as possible, I want to strive for synergistic ‘win-win’ goals, which will advance the mentee’s career, as well as my lab’s research. Here I want to focus on rigorous results, instead of focusing on the number of hours spent in the lab. That being said, success in the lab does require a dedicated and substantial effort at the bench. […] In general, I try to foster increasing independence as people work in the lab, and remind them that my goal is not to be a ‘sage on the stage’, but a ‘guide by their side’. I commit to being honest about what I do and don’t know, and admit when I’m wrong. I strive to support them as a whole person, not just as a researcher in the lab. I want to cultivate a place of psychological safety and radical candor. When there are challenges, I want to be ‘hard on the problem and soft on the person’. I want to connect people in the lab with the greater scientific community, so they can build their own professional relationships and advance their own independent careers.”

Emily Troemel, PI