Theresa Bui

Master’s defense: May 2020

Theresa studied pals genes in pairs
with Vladimir this project she shares
despite covid-19
she probed pals-17
her persistence shows how much she cares

Theresa has a chill, sweet persona
And kept calm during the time of corona
after PCR lysis
stopped short by this crisis
She persisted and will thrive in Arizona


Keir Balla

PhD defense: September 2016

Keir studied worms that were Hawaiian
to show what had kept them from dyin’
Keir’s steely persistence
revealed their resistance
was due to young larvae still thrivin’ ¬†

After invading just one single cell
N. parisii causes such hell
creating syncytia
crossing walls like militia
Keir showed us this drama so well

Robert Luallen

PhD defense: Augiust 2016

Robert’s finding was causing some chatter
A microbe that tears worms to tatters
Robert had a great thirst
to show how worms burst
and for polar tubes, he found that size matters

An infection that spread far and wide
From Robert the microbe couldn’t hide
He found it in France
Through hard work and chance
His achievements, they fill me with pride

Suzy Szumowski

PhD defense: January 2015

Suzy’s passion was never in doubt
to determine how spores can get out
with small GTPases
she found spores can go places
through an exocytosis-based route

Suzy studied how spores traffic thru
the intestine and then out in the poo
she imaged so well
the nematode cells
without her who knows what we’ll do

Tiffany Dunbar

PhD defense: May 2013

She had passion that always was showing
Her knowledge continually growing
She kept right on track
She’ll never look back
‘Cuz if you’re going through hell, keep on going

Her paper is based on a screen
She found worms aberrantly green
Pseudomonas attack
Made the worms fight right back
And it helped us understand, “What does it mean?”