Farewell BBQ for Eillen, Crystal, And Kealia— and Welcome to Lakshmi!

Though we’re sad to see some members of our lab leave us, we’re happy to wish them luck on their future endeavors. We got together for a lab barbecue to celebrate the accomplishments of Eillen, Crystal, and Kealia, and waved them each off with gifts that commemorate their contributions— both scientific and lab-culture wise! Additionally, now that she’s completed her rotations, we’re happy to welcome Lakshmi onboard after she decided to join our lab.

While with us, Eillen helped to drive research on pnp-1 and its regulation of C. elegans innate immunity in the context of the IPR. Congratulations to Eillen as she transitions into her position as an Assistant Professor of Biology at Cal State University – Dominguez Hills!

Crystal (left) worked with Eillen to characterize pnp-1‘s role in innate immunity in the context of the IPR, and we wish her the best as she begins her PhD program at the University of Washington in Seattle. Recent UC San Diego graduate Kealia (right) provided key lab support and ensured that all reagents and consummables were stocked, and we also want to wish her luck as she finalizes her EMT license and gears up for PA school applications!

End-of-Rotation Celebration for Lakshmi

A COVID-19-cognizant pizza lunch to commemorate a wonderful data presentation by UC San Diego graduate student Lakshmi Batachari detailing the work she conducted during her rotation in the Troemel Lab. Lakshmi worked closely with Postdoc Vladimir Lazetic to determined how predicted DRH-1 binding partners influence IPR expression. In parallel, she created a strain that can be used for an unbiased forward genetic screen to identify additional regulators of the IPR in the context of Orsay virus infection. Thank you for working with us, and best of luck with future rotations!

Holiday Celebration 2020: White Elephant

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our lab’s annual white elephant tradition persists, albeit with some modifications. After a socially-distanced gift exchange where we each picked a wrapped present from the pile at random, we opened the gifts over Zoom— trying to determine who got what from whom proved to be a great time. Happy holidays from the Troemel Lab!

Top, Left to Right: Nathan Barney, Mario Bardan, Kealia Attaway
Middle, Left to Right: Vladimir Lazetic, Crystal Chhan, Katie Li
Bottom, Left to Right: Spencer Gang, Emily Troemel, Eillen Tecle

End-of-Rotation Celebration for Rasika

Left to Right: Rachel, Mario, Vladimir, Crystal, Spencer, Rasika, Eillen

Bidding a socially-distanced farewell to Rasika, the latest UC San Diego student to rotate through the Troemel lab! Under the guidance of Spencer, Rasika made some wonderful contributions to a project seeking to identify interactors of PALS-25.

Left to Right: Rasika, Spencer, Rachel

Best of luck in her future rotations!

Rasika, Emily

Going Away Lunch for Bretta

Celebrating Bretta’s accomplishments during her time in the Troemel lab over a socially distanced pizza picnic! Lab manager at the time of her departure, Bretta kept our lab running smoothly during a sudden transition to pandemic-conscious research policies and regulations. Best of luck to Bretta in her future endeavors!

Watch Emily Troemel’s presentation as part of Global Immunotalks

Global Immunotalks, a virtual seminar series started in April of 2020 and organized by Carla V. Rothlin (YSM) and Elina I. Zúñiga (UC San Diego), features presentations by immunologists from around the world. On Wednesday, 9/23, Emily Troemel contributed her talk, “Characterization of the Intracellular Pathogen Response in C. elegans“.

This talk and other past presentations can be found on YouTube on the Global Immunotalks channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXn0yDml_W6c8cj_hDbWK3Q

Alternatively, recordings of previous talks are posted on the Zúñiga lab website: https://labs.biology.ucsd.edu/zuniga/global_immunotalks.htm

Register to join future meetings via Zoom, held Wednesdays at 9 AM PST, here: https://ucsd.zoom.us/j/91053505061

Emily Troemel and David Wang on The ScientistComprehending a Pandemic: SARS-CoV-2 Uncovered

On June 17, 2020, our own Emily Troemel and WashU Med’s David Wang give a talk discussing the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Topics for the talk include the emergence and basic biology of SARS-CoV-2, its potential host-pathogen interactions, the current state of the field in SARS-CoV-2 molecular biology research, and the relevant diagnostic tests and possibilities for treatment. Click here to register and watch on demand!

Congratulations to Theresa on a successful Master’s Thesis Defense!

This morning via zoom, Theresa presented her thesis, Regulation of the Intracellular Pathogen Response by pals Gene Pairs in C. elegans. Because of the international benefit of the platform, her audience included not only her thesis committee and current lab mates, but also former lab members joining from three continents and six countries (shown above). Congratulations to Theresa for a successful defense on the wonderful work she’s done while with us, and we wish her the best as she pursues an MD at the University of Arizona! Below, we are seen celebrating the good news via zoom meeting.